The Shaker Club

The Shaker Club Recycles


On-premises recycling has been a desire of our residents for some time now. Shaker Club residents who wanted to be green had to sort and transport their recyclable materials to the Shaker Heights Recycling Center on Chagrin Blvd. themselves. For some it was a moral duty to make the periodic trip over there.  For others it was not a possibility due to mobility, time, and space (some kitchens don't leave a lot of extra room to store recyclables until there is a quantity worth transporting).  

The Board responded to the desire of the residents for convenient on-site recycling, and now they have it.  A new recycling dumpster was placed next to our two rubbish dumpsters in January.  Residents are now able to place unsorted recyclables; glass, metal, most common consumer plastics, and paper, in the bins and they are hauled off.  It has been a huge success story! The original plan was to pick up recycling once a week. Because the bin filled so quickly, collection has been increased to several times a week

This is not only a social and moral achievement for our residents who want to recycle, but also, over time, may offset our trash removal frequency and cost.