The Shaker Club


Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to our website. You can also now download the complete Shaker Club Condominium Association Handbook of Rules and Information and the Declaration and Bylaws in PDF format.

 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
1Are pets allowed in The Shaker Club?Rules
2Can I have a Christmas tree?Rules
3Can I have a clothes washer/dryer installed in my condo?Rules
4Can I have a party with a grill on the terrace?Multiple
5Can I have a satellite dish? Or cable TV?Rules
6Can I install a central air conditioning system?Rules
7Can I park anywhere I want in the garage?Rules
8Can my spouse and I both serve on the board?Association
9Do I get any storage space with my unit?Amenities
10How old is The Shaker Club?Association
11Is smoking permitted in The Shaker Club?Rules
12Is there a handbook that has all these rules in it?Multiple
13Is there a party room?Amenities
14What are the hours of the building office? The staff?Management
15What is included in the maintenance fee?Association
16 When can I move in? Rules
17 Where can I read the Declaration and Bylaws? Association
18 Who is your management team? Association